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    Here's a sampling of our most popular products!

    Business Services

    Need an extra hand?

    Strategic planning, marketing, public relations, crisis communication, media & budget management and personal recruitment. .

    Shine Social Effect

    A full agency at your service.

    Build your presence and give you customized analytics. FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS WHILE WE TAKE CARE OF THE REST

    Click here for our speaker services.

    Shine Social Rocks

    Public speaking designed​ for your group, churches, nonprofits, medical institutions and businesses of varying sizes.

    Multi Visual Services

    Video and Photography

    Animated Videos and Recorded, Edited Video Programs, Photography Services


    Video can help your search ranking. Placing videos in social media help your target audience find you.

    Digital Doorstep

    Presence Listing Services

    Without correct listings, your business, organization, or church is invisible to your customers, clients, and members. Let us assist you with this complicated process.


    See how and where your locations are listed on directories, review sites and social networks.

    Rep Pro

    Reputation Management

    We will identify what other people are saying or feeling about you or your business; and take actions to ensure that the over-all consensus is in line with your goals.

    Social Marketing


    Shine Social WIFI Marketing

    Posting, Polls, Contests

    Shine Social realizes how busy you are running your business. We can assist by generating new leads and customers. Compose posts to popular social channels, build a loyal following / fan base, and respond to customer feedback.


    Keep your fans engaged – and make new ones – with regular social posting and quick responses to customer inquiries on all your social networks. Social Media has never been simpler. Use our tool that makes sense of all your digital chatter and turns online viewers into profitable customers. Put stress to rest with our Social Marketing solutions.

    Social Circle

    Dashboard to Social Networks

    With Social Circle your social media publishing process will be more efficient, standardized and effective. Dive deeper into social media data and track certain metrics and key performance indicators.

    Advanced Programmatic Advertising

    SEO, SEM

    Shine Social can help you improve your search engine rankings by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results. Provide better organic search results, and helps you successfully target users of search engines via advertising.


    Organic search results are still the cornerstone of maximizing your referral traffic from search engines. Over 2/3’s of search related clicks come from the organic search results on a search engine.

    • Local SEO – about your LOCATION being found on Google Maps and Mobile Searches. We optimize CATEGORIES on Google My Business.
    • Organic SEO – Organic SEO is about your website being found on Page One of optimized keyword searches on search engines. We optimize KEYWORDS.


    Professional Paid Search Management (SEM)

    Our team of AdWords certified professionals follow all of Google’s best practices and are endorsed by Google and BIA Kelsey. Our custom approach separates our team from the rest of the providers in the market. Every client is assigned a dedicated campaign management team of experienced and certified professionals.

    Targeted Digital Display Ads and Targeted Geo-Fencing.

    Demographic, Geography, Contextual, Behavioral - focused tactical marketing.

    Targeted display ads are more effective and accurate in helping business and organizations reach their target market areas.


    All of our programs offer a custom dashboard so you can see the results.

    Digital Direct Mail

    Enhance Your Marketing

    Email is one the most effective marketing methods that can directly affect your bottom line and actually grow your business.


    We can provide a list of email addresses, use your list or a combination of both.


    Securely deliver your message to specific consumers using hundreds of targeting options via a dedicated email promotion.

    Website Creation

    Automatically adjusts for any device, Desktop, Tablet or Phone

    Responsive Website design, development and hosting. A well designed site can engage your customer, welcoming them into your virtual business.


    Print Products

    Engage your audience with tangible print pieces.

    Single Sheet Flyers, Brochures, Polypropylene Posters, High Gloss Posters, Magazines, Letterhead and Business Cards. Graphic Design and Strategy Sessions available also.

    Shine Magazine

    A publication to positively promote people, places and purpose.

    Targeted Distribution in high traffic and affluent communities with a heavy focus on building the Christian community.